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Who Am I?


I am a builder

What Am I?

I am a designer, I am a creator and I am a builder. I am fascinated with learning and mastering powerful tools that allow me to do my work.


It's What I Do


My passion for athletics led me to study physiology at Montana State University - Bozeman. Now, I teach for the Department of Human Physiology at Gonzaga University, I am a long time volunteer of the American College of Sports Medicine.   



I learned to code when I was in high school. Now, I enjoy working on the entire Adobe CC, Android Studio, Unity & Visual Studio. My education in tech has been by inquery and I get excited about big projects involving a few platforms.                       



I have coached diving, gymnastics & skiing. Since, 2001 I have been a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and my teaching experience is vast. A better description of what I do is to guide people to their own empowerment. I can lead a team.